BEAUTY REPORT: By Harper and Harley

I forget how much a lip colour can completely change an outfit or a look. I need to remember to think about makeup more as an accessory, especially since my wardrobe palette is so neutral. A complete sucker for a rule or two, I like to stick to neutral nail colours (a classic red of course is the exception) for the hands and then go crazy colourful on the toes.

What is your daily beauty routine?
Having bad skin as a teenager I am so much more appreciative of the skin I’m blessed with now and I treat it with as much care as possible. Knowing that my skin freaks out if I mess up its schedule I make sure to clean my skin day and night, tone and moisturise. Simple but crucial!

Your beauty secret?
I have this magic potion of a creme from Nutrimetrics that my mum got me hooked on and it literally clears up breakouts overnight. When I heard they were discontinuing the product I stocked up, so hopefully i’ll be set for a few more years!

Favourite Place to be pampered?
This is something I need to set more time aside for! But nothing makes me feel better than a fresh hair cut by Jaye at Edwards and Co. in Sydney’s Surry Hills. That and a spray tan!

Describe a typical day.

  • 5:20am: Wake up call!
  • 6:00am: My 60 minute Vinyasa yoga class is definitely a highlight of my day
  • 8:00am: Harper and Harley pre-work breakfast meetings are a regular occurrence.
  • 9am-6pm: Not everyone realises but I have a full time job in sales and marketing.
  • 7.30pm: After picking my boyfriend up on the way back from work we get home and cook dinner
  • 8:30-10pm: Time to catch up on Harper and Harley emails, edit a blog post and upload an instagram before I fall asleep.

Post by Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley