NEW YORK CITY GUIDE- by Fashionising

New York is a city with attitude coursing through its subway of veins, reaching every part from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and you can feel at home in the highest heels or the coolest sneakers as long as you have the attitude to match. I love New York because it has equal potential to be so glamorous and so gritty, and because no-one and nothing feels out of place here.

Fashion week turns New York from a city of lights to a city of legs. Models stride through the streets to get to their castings and fittings, like ethereal creatures confounding the general population with their beauty. Street wear and high fashion collide in front of the show venues where Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone and other purveyors of cool show their latest. I’m one player in this pageantry, photographing moments inside the shows and out, reviewing collections and reporting from backstage. It’s a week of catching up with amazing bloggers and photographers from all over the world, for meeting new people, dancing the night away at parties, and making the most of the sprawling, multifaceted metropolis of the city.

A typical New York day: grabbing coffee on the run, heading out to shows, photographing and perhaps being photographed in admidst the pre-show spectacle, picking up more coffee, and hoping to God that I can hail a cab when I need one. All the while being permanantly glued to both my iPhone and my Canon.

Here are some of my favourite NYC Hot Spots:

This unassuming little storefront is older than SoHo itself. The baker’s buns are as big and delicious as the store’s 90 year history.

Every pen has a story, and a beautiful, blank notebook just implores you to fill it with ideas. For me, picking out some fresh stationary is a pre-fashion week ritual.

Cool boutiques, chic cafes and ambient cobbled streets make SoHo and its surrounds a perfect place to spend a day shopping.

When you have downtime, there’s nothing like finding a quiet corner away from the madding crowd, book in hand.

Grocery shopping gone luxe. Stop in here for fruit, flowers, coffee and candy.


Post by Tania Braukamper- Fashionising


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