THE SLIP DRESS- by Harper and Harley

The silk camisole dress is coming back with a vengeance this Spring Summer and I for one couldn’t be happier. I am constantly looking for that perfect and (most importantly) simplistic silk dress which is completely timeless and versatile, which is why I’m so happy to have come across this silky number from Witchery. Easily taken from being casual during the day with simple flats to a bit dressy at night with a heel, it’s the perfect dress to think about adding to your wardrobe!

What do you love about black in Spring/Summer
I’m always a lover of a black outfit and even though Spring Summer is usually identified with colour, its not how I operate. Nothing makes me more confident than an all black ensemble, and its an extra bonus its a universal flattering colour.

How can you add interest to an all black ensemble?
The easiest way to create an interesting all black look is to mix textures, fabrics and play with layers. This helps to bring out the different elements so they don’t all blend together.

How can you wear black from day to night?
For the day opt for flats, sunglasses and shoulder bag or tote. Whereas for night go for a heel and simple clutch.

What do you love about the black statement styles coming through for September?
The new black statement pieces coming through in September are a great way to instantly give your Winter look a fresh and much needed update.